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Project SPOTLIGHT: Fall 2022

Ornamental Horticulture: Floral Arrangements

The students in Del Norte High School's Agriculture and Natural Resources: Ornamental Horticulture Pathway have been creating floral arrangements. Arrangements can be ordered individually or you can order a monthly subscription. Click the order form to the right to place an order.


Community partner Spotlight:

College of the Redwoods

College of the Redwoods is a community college in Northern California.
Campuses/sites are located in Eureka, Ca, Crescent City, Ca and Hoopa, Ca.
They have many programs offering associates degrees as well as career and technical certificates. 

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Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an educational strategy designed to prepare students for ongoing education, long-term careers, citizenship, and entry into the workplace. CTE responds to the needs of the economy with regard to both industry focus and skills that are taught. 

Industry Sector

An industry sector is a group of companies that operate in the same segment of the economy and share a common business, business activities, or characteristics. The 15 industry sector groups organize CTE programs to align with California’s top-employing business segments


A pathway that is unique to an industry sector, has an occupational focus, consists of similar functions, includes standards that demonstrate sequence potential, and is reasonable and appropriate for high school students.

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

An education strategy that links classroom instruction to work-related experiences, aims to increase students’ technical skills and knowledge, and helps shape career decision making. Work-based learning is offered on campuses or in community locations and includes explorations, job shadowing, simulations, student-led enterprise, service learning, community classroom or cooperative education, internships, and apprenticeship. (see types of work-based learning below for descriptions)

Types of Work-Based Learning (WBL)