CTE in Del Norte County is thriving!

CTE in Del Norte County By the Numbers
CTE Pathways
CTE Students
CTE Students in Their Capstone Class
CTE Students in All Pathways (Some students in multiple pathways)
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Overall numbers


This is the total number of CTE students in pathways in Del Norte high schools.


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Above are the number of CTE students as well as the number of completers for each year.

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These charts indicate the degree to which special populations of students are included in CTE pathways.

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CTE Students Graduate

Our statistics show that students active in CTE courses, and even more so those that complete their pathways, successfully graduate at higher rates than their non-CTE counterparts.

What are the benefits of Career Technical Education (CTE)?

CTE teaches practical skills, exposes students to various fields, and offers industry-recognized certifications. It promotes critical thinking and practical skills beyond the classroom, enhancing students' education and job market potential.

Contact a Counselor

Contact your school counselor to explore career and technical education options. They can guide you in choosing courses based on your career goals, provide information on courses, certificates, requirements, and answer any questions. Schedule a meeting with your counselor to take the first step towards realizing your career aspirations.
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