About Del Norte Works

Del Norte Works is a grant funded program which aims to 


  • Expand DNUSD/DNCOE partnerships with industry and post-secondary educational institutions in a way that increases work based learning for students and leads to further education and/or employment.
  • Recruit and retain target student populations in CTE pathways and underrepresented students in non traditional pathways.
  • Explore and develop industry certification options for students in all pathways as well as Career Tech Student Organizations (CTSO’s) within our pathways.


DNCOE was awarded the Strong Workforce Program (SWP) grant of $337,056 in 2020 and is being implemented from January 2021 – June 2023. 

Program STAFF

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Del Norte Works


(707) 464 0337

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Randy Fugate

CTE Director
Rfugate @DNUSD.org
(707) 464 0750

Kady Pomerleau

Program Coordinator
(707) 464 0337