DNHS Manufacturing & Product Development

Pathways in Manufacturing and Product Development

Welding and Materials Joining

The Welding and Materials Joining pathway provides students with an understanding of manufacturing processes and systems common to careers in welding and related industries. The following pathway standards are based on, but not limited to, well established American Welding Society (AWS) EG2.0 Guidelines for the Entry Level Welder. Representative topics include the interpretation and layout of welded and assembled-part prints, cutting, mechanical bonding, joining, cohesive bonding, adhesive bonding, and mechanical fastening.


Course Sequence

Introductory course exploring all areas of Career & Technical Education, including basic skills in wood, metal, small gas engines, and CAD and coding. Students will rotate areas every 9 weeks

Students learn basic gas welding practices, basic arc welding practices, drill bit and tool bit sharpening, machining on the metal lathe, sheet metal work, foundry and hand tool projects. After the required projects are completed, individual projects are designed and constructed.

Students may earn College of the Redwoods credit through the 2+2 program. Concentrates on all phases of welding and machine shop. Students learn how to vertical weld and use the MIG welding machines.  Instruction covers projects that include the use of the metal lathe, drill press, milling machine and shaper. It provides the incomparable satisfaction of constructing a valuable structure through focus, patience, active + participation, skills development, and a work ethic. This course is NOT a project course for students to bring in projects.